Improvements in the way glass was made meant

that by the middle of the Victorian period sash windows were being

constructed using fewer panes with four-over-four and two-over-two

windows becoming more and more common. We are regularly asked the

question, what exactly is a window sash? So to help, we have put

together this guide with details of sash windows, their anatomy and the

way they work, to help you get your head around some of the terminology.


cost, condition will be a key factor in whether you choose to repair or

replace a sash window.

Fixed - Used for an independent window that is fitted internally. Allow sheer fabric to complement your sash windows

making them the focal point in the room without obstructing the

elegance of the woodwork. The lower the value, the slower the rate of

heat loss. We take great pride in saying that all of our timber is

sourced by leading timber suppliers and then hand picked by our joiners

to ensure that the quality of our products is kept at the highest

standard possible. That means you wont have to repaint or revarnish the

windows, saving you time and money. This is because the integration of

the locks into the frame helps to prevent them from being used as a

leverage point to compromise the integrity of the window.


close the sashes you must start by pushing the top sash into its

uprightposition and slide it upwards. We are describing the complete

dismantling of Victorian sash windows, burning all the paint from the

casements and frame, sanding everything smooth, probably replacing the

glass, rebating in new draught excluder strips, fitting heavier weights,

fitting new cords, fitting proper catches and security locks,

reassembling the whole thing, making sure it slides perfectly then

waxing the whole lot. Floor-length curtains are probably some of the

most versatile of window dressings for the timber sash windows

in your home. Instead, sashes are installed in a way that they

vertically lean on each other, one behind and the other at the front.

Their classic design is proving popular with modern homeowners seeking

to maximise the natural light and optimise the space in their home.

Structurally, the main difference is that they dont need the system of

weights or springs to keep them in place.

Another great

advantage of uPVC Sliding Sash Windows is that once installed they

require very little upkeep. Coupled with their architectural

significance, not to mention natural longevity, it could be argued that

they have earned their enduring status. All our timber box sash windows

are carefully crafted by hand in the traditional English style to

achieve true authentic look. Try to provide a sophisticated way to

disguise curtain rails or tracks around the sash windows replacement

in your house. The time taken will also depend on the survey result. If

there are gaps around the sashes, the windows can rattle, let in

draughts and leak.

Each decorative glass unit is handcrafted in

our in-house glass studio and includes bevel, lead, resin and sandblast

designs. Gone are the days when sash windows were difficult to open

with rotten wood and paint peeling off. On sash windows with a woodgrain

finish externally and smooth white finish internally we are not able to

offer tilt facility on the top sash. Sash window only ever refers to

this particularly design of vertical sliding window. Beautifully

hand-crafted, sash windows london

are a fantastic focal point in a room, restoring elegance into heritage

and period properties. Georgian secondary glazing is available in many

styles complimenting all window types.

As such, it is not

uncommon for people to purchase hardwood window designs that are under

warranty for a total of fifty years. This is the simplest but most

costly approach. Unlike their timber counterparts, REHAU have designed

the windows so that they last for several years, and without an

expensive or high maintenance care regime. If problems with your windows

are spotted early, wooden windows can often be repaired, rather than

replaced. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism rather than the traditional

pulleys, cords, and weights.

This typically used to be achieved

through a balance cord with lead weights, but more modern sash windows

utilise weights with multiple strings. Antique sash windows add greatly

to the character of period homes. Your sash windows have had to work

hard all winter to keep you warm, particularly if they are getting on in

years so they could use a little tlc to keep them in good condition to

do the same for you next winter. When it comes to choosing

environmentally friendly sash windows, its important to choose wooden

sash windows that are made from sustainable sources. This can add

character to your home as well as make your home feel more private.