Prolotherapy is not typically used to treat acute injuries such as

recent sprains/strains or bone fractures. There is a little research

that PRP is effective in treating some musculoskeletal problems. This

seems to be more common in young athletes and older women. But as you

have mentioned above that Meniscus surgery also increases the risk of

arthritis. As well as options that can enhance the treatment such as

PRP, exosomes, etc.

I thank you again for your time and

efforts. If the pain doesnt settle down after a couple of weeks of rest,

make sure you get it diagnosed. Improving range of motion and strength

is helpful for knee arthritis

but physical therapy has a large focus on strengthening. In doing so,

it also promotes an increased flow of healthy nutrients, enhancing the

natural healing cycle of your body. Before surgery, try resting your

knee at home. The physician who practices Prolotherapy is usually one

who has a great deal of experience with the treatment of musculoskeletal

disorders and should also examine and test the patient for other causes

of pain using appropriate studies, lab tests and other manner of

testing to ensure that your condition is correctly managed.

Blood supply and nutrients are provided to the area of injection at an

increased rate, prompting rapid tissue repair. Because ozone is so

reactive, it is able to stimulate fibroblastic and chondroblastic

activity to an almost unbelievable extent. Over time with improved

techniques, better patient selection, and matching each patient to the

most appropriate procedure, success rates have improved dramatically.

Research has consistently shown that people who have knee cartilage

can greatly benefit from regular, moderate exercise. At first, this

stimulus to heal is strong but over the ensuing weeks diminishes and

then eventually stops. Many patients receive treatment at less frequent

intervals until treatments are rarely required, if at all.

First, prolotherapy and Prolozone dont require drawing blood or

harvesting stem cells from bone marrow or fat. These are rare with an

arthroscopy, however they can occur. This has persisted for a period

greater than a year. The joint that doesnt crunch is also improving.

Exercise is one of the most important things that people with knee cartilage damage can do, whatever your age or level of fitness. Prolotherapy is also effective for tendinopathies.

Surgery for Meniscus TearsThe most common meniscus surgery is a partial

meniscectomy where the degenerative, torn or injured portion of the

meniscus is removed. Most patients do well after surgery. I want to be

active as that is me, and quality of life is being affected. Each

injection tricks the body into repairing itself again. I take a LOT of

supplements for OA and added Danish ROse Hips lately and MAYBE this too

will give me mroe relief. Regular exercise that keeps you active, builds

up muscle and strengthens the joints which in addition to PRP injection usually helps to improve symptoms.

This puts an additional strain on the affected body part and leading to

intense pain. We expect you to be making good progress by this stage,

but not to be fully recovered. Prolozone therapy offers a non-surgical,

ligament reconstruction option and is aPERMANENT TREATMENT FOR CHRONIC

PAIN. Inflammation is the process by which the body heals. Do not get

overly concerned if this is the case.

At my age my doctor told me that no surgery is required. Healthy lifestyle habits can be especially helpful for prolotherapy

in these days and times. For example, the tiny freshwater animal

called Hydra can form two whole bodies after being cut in half. The

affected cartilage, ligament or tendon area is injected with a

proliferant solution which stimulates the growth of healthy, strong new

connective tissue that helps strengthen weak or damaged areas. Blood

supply is important to meniscus healing and therefore tears in the red

zone which have a rich blood supply typically heal. It has a

distinctively pungent smell, most noted after a thunderstorm or when a

copy machine makes a copy.

Is there any reason to wait longer

for arthroscopic surgery with a flap tear? I can wait longer if there is

any chance that it will heal, but I havent found anyone that has said

that. The end result of prolotherapy injection is a reduction of pain

and deactivation of receptors that act as alarm sensors in the soft

tissues causing pain and result in limping and other compensatory

movement patterns.