It is important that you have someone you trust take you back home after

the procedure. Another option is wearing contact lenses for monovision.

Again, you can ask the consultant any questions you may have and theyll

make sure youre OK with everything before taking you through to

surgery. There is no need to wear the eyeshield during the day as the

eye will come to no harm from wind, smokey environments, sunshine,

cooking fumes etc. However, whether or not you are a suitable candidate

for lens replacement surgery depends on a range of factors, including

any eye surgery history you may have, your age and the general health of

your eyes.

To help prevent infection, you may need to wait for


OTHERWISE before using lotions, creams, or make-up around the eye. Keep

your breathing calm, stay as relaxed as you can, and try to keep your

head still after the surgeon has positioned it comfortably. Experience

freedom from glasses by having eye laser surgery

with the UK's best surgeons. Both use excimer lasers and work to

reshape and ablate part of the cornea to correct vision. You will also

need to arrange for transportation to and from the surgery center both

on the day of surgery and for your first follow-up visit the following

day. Sterile precautions are taken to prepare the area for surgery and

lower the risk of infection.

If you have any concerns, speaking

with your ophthalmologist can help you understand details of your

specific cataract condition, risks of surgery, or other eye health

issues that may arise. This is something that I would discuss with you,

but I find that more than half of my patients want to have both eyes

done on the same day. Surgery is the definitive of treatment for

cataract, and to date is the only proven solution. I understand that

bespoke cataract surgery

can provide excellent results. It is important that you choose a clinic

that you can trust, where you see the surgeon in consultation ad not an

optician or sales counsellor. Then there are the patients who are so

distraught by the complications they have suffered that they never go


It requires no care and becomes a permanent part of your

eye. Next, anaesthetic drops are applied to numb your eye. A variety of

different lenses are available for different needs, and your surgeon

will be able to advise you on the best option for you. Learn whether

you're a good candidate and what to consider as you weigh your decision.

A comprehensive range of treatments are available to treat eye

conditions including laser eye surgery

as well as simply changing your glasses. However, this natural ability

is lost with age anyway so most cataract patients will need glasses to

read prior to undergoing the procedure.

The artificial lens

which has replaced your eyes natural lens in surgery does not allow

cataracts to build up. Our short survey takes just a few minutes to

complete and helps us to keep improving our health information. The

sound waves break a cataract up into tiny fragments, that can then be

removed through the small incision. The surgery involves the replacement

of the natural lens in the eye with a new artificial lens tailored to

the individual These lenses dont wear out and the restored vision

remains stableover the long-term. If you are wearing bifocals or

readings glasses now, you will still need reading glasses after LASIK.

The feeling of being able to see correctly after your lens replacement surgery is a feeling that cannot be beaten,

Having a normal or small pupil in the dark appears to reduce the chance

of developing night vision difficulties. Although far more difficult,

techniques have since evolved that allow the lens to be dissected apart

under an operating microscope while the lens is still inside the eye!A

round opening is made in the anterior capsule, and the interior contents

are removed in several delicate steps. Your consultant will advise you

on which lensis the most suitable. We aim to ensure our patients become

as glasses-free as possible, although some people with monofocal lenses

may still need spectacles for reading. Your eyes unique characteristics

are analyzed using light waves and a detailed map of your eye is


The entire procedure is painless, although a feeling of pressure on the eyes may be noticed at times. Undergoing lasik eye surgery

is a great way to improve your vision and your overall lifestyle. This

laser emits short wavelength ultraviolet light that has the property of

breaking the bonds between the molecules of the cornea. There are some

surgeons who treat both eyes at the same time, and it is probably safe

to do so. This process is also called surface laser treatment or

epi-LASEK. The various terms used to describe each one can be confusing


Before you have your surgery, youll have your vision

measured and a biometry test to ensure that your new lens is the correct

one for you. You can read further on the types of IOLs here. Some

variability of vision and comfort is normal in the early weeks after

cataract surgery, and patience is required. You will be asked to lie

down on a comfortable flat bed, and your surgeon will administer local

anaesthetic. The intraocular lens was designed with a hinge similar to

the mechanics of the eye's natural lens.